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From Nepal to India

From Nepal to India

Pokhara is a good place to buy a motorcycle. We decide to buy a legendary bike for the further travel, a Royal Enfield 350 cc. These motorcycles are manufactured for over 50 years, initially in England and the longest time in India. These are technically old motorcycles and the sound is unmistakably similar to a Harley Davidson. With that motorcycle (we call it "YAK"), we now want to pass through Nepal to the west. The shop, called Hearts & Tears (owned by an Englishman and a Dutch), where we bought the YAK, assured us of having made a complete service, and apparently I also noticed no significant shortcomings. On 16th November we start going south, we want to go to Tansen, a town located in the mountains. After 50 km it smells rather strongly of gasoline, I look down to the carburetor and see fuel running out. Damn, our first breakdown. We are in a small village, suddenly we are surrounded by five Nepalese and everyone offer their help. They look quite desperate and grab all the time the carburetor, but this well-meant but uncontrolled spastic handles cannot solve the problem. A little later someone comes running up with an oversized screwdriver, a self proclaimed, somewhat over-zealous mechanic, and he wants to decompose the whole carburetor. Respectfully I refuse his help. I had already known that with this model sometimes the float in the carburetor gets stuck. My guess is right and after a short procedure, the float is again free to move, and we can continue our trip. Shortly before Tansen, YAK twitch suddenly, damn, what is now happening, YAK has misfires, which must be the spark plug. We are lucky to have a spare spark plug with us. We change it and soon after the YAK runs perfectly again. Ok, we had two breakdowns on the first day, which can just become better. The next day a screw breaks down of the carburetor, we cannot continue. The throttle cable goes through this broken screw into the carburetor and without this screw it is not possible to continue. Fortunately we are in a big city, in Bhairahawa, near the Indian border. We try to find a replacement screw, but no chance, we must improvise. I buy a clamp and fix (“Russian- style") the screw. It holds and the YAK is "purring" again. If this daily breakdowns continues I hang the bike up the nearest tree, and continue the journey on foot! We are moving west to Bardya National Park. YAK is now great. We decide to go to the very west of Nepal and cross there the border to India. In Rishikesh, about 300 km west to the border of Nepal, there is a Royal Enfield mechanic. On 29th November we reach Rishikesh, the self-proclaimed yoga center of the whole universe, a place we need now to fill up again with energy. We bring our YAK to the mechanic, after a test drive and quite desperate look he gives us a list of things needed to be repaired. Damn, the piston is broken – oohh that’s why the engine knocked quite strong when accelerating - the half cylinder has to be replaced, the rear brakes are finished, the rear shock absorbers are broken, the air hose is cracked, and much more. Well, we have to repair our bike, "what to do?" as the Nepalese saying goes! We stay 10 days in Rishikesh and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, beautiful surroundings and good food. In addition to crazy wild monkeys you can find here self-appointed gurus who are obviously only physically on earth, and mentally in some unreachable spheres! After 10 days, we leave the Mecca of drumming, weed-smoking gurus and drive with YAK to the south. Our goal is Rajasthan, a desert area south west of Delhi. Our bike is now like new and after 1.100km adventurous journey through the Indian “road-jungle” we reach Jaisalmer, an ancient but beautiful desert city near the Pakistani border. Here we take a few days rest before we travel to the south!

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