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India - what to say

India - what to say

Our motorcycle, Yak, shines after the repair in Rishikesh in new splendor. We are confident that we can achieve GOA without further technical problems. Our first goal, as mentioned in the previous report, is Rajasthan, a desert region in western India, known for the best bike routes. For days we fight our way through roads crowded with cows, camels, motorcycles, buses and trucks. The most dangerous we would probably classify the truck drivers, which are often drunk, constantly honking and are at full speed only on the fast lane of the road. When meets a truck there is only one way to survive, you must be as fast as possible down of the road, if necessary, go into the ditch, otherwise these lunatics ram anything getting in their way. No day goes by where we are not witness of really terrible accidents. Dead cows lie along the roads, local buses roll over in the ditch, half-burnt jeeps standing in the middle of the road, to mention just a few examples. The crazy bus drivers are probably the second biggest source of danger on the Indian highways. Indians also like to strike and to attract attention, they put a tree across the highways or bend railroad tracks, so that these roads are blocked for an indefinite period. In the north, the traffic situation is disastrous even more joy comes up when you get into Rajasthan. The highways are good and we can manage for the first time about 200km in 8 hours. In Jaisalmer and Udaipur, we can relax and celebrate Christmas and New Year there. We go on to the big cities like Ahmedabad and Mumbai. Both cities, we can pretty well drive around and then land in a place called "Uran". The name itself should already have been a warning signal to us, but on the map there was a palm tree located and a local man was crazy about this beautiful place. Uran is about 50 km south of Mumbai. To get to our beach hotel - if you can call this run-down, shabby barracks so, we must go 2km by 50cm deep, dirty mud water. Stinking mud sticks on the Yak when we reach our goal. Near the beach there are oil refineries. The sea is black and the mood on the beach is like the apocalypse. You maybe can imagine what a pleasant fragrance is circulating there. Early in the next morning we decide to leave the supposedly beautiful beach and we are now moving toward our final destination in the south of India, namely, Goa. There, the beaches are really nice. In Arambol, the northernmost beach in Goa, we finish, after 5,000 km and 100 hours on the back of YAK our tour through India and sell the motorcycle to very nice English family. We look back to an incredible adventurous journey through India, which we on the one hand really loved but on the other hand we ask the question where India - with its non-existent environmental awareness, its corrupt government and the massive over-population - will end up one day.

Despite all these things, India is definitely worth a visit. We felt safe all the time and would travel around the country at any time by motorcycle again. Especially culturally and historically India has to offer incredibly interesting things.

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