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New Zealand - The end of the world

New Zealand - The end of the world

For over a month, we are now right across the road Kiwiland. For the Kiwis it is always too comfortable, which is not today, tomorrow comes and if not tomorrow then maybe the day after tomorrow, so the motto. New Zealand is a "lifestyle" and that "lifestyle" is pretty relaxed. This country is tiny compared to Australia, but so varied that there really is nothing which does not exist. We enjoy an acceptable return for our food culture halfway, fast food is indeed present but not as much as in Australia. The weather is probably the only one on which you first must get used to here, sometimes within hours we experience all 4 seasons, variations in temperature within a few minutes to up to 10 degrees Celsius. But the summer is coming and then the weather should be more stable, we can surprise us. Another benefit of this country is the fact that there is no animal that could carry you through a sting, bite or attack by other afterlife. There are no snakes, no alligators or any poisonous spiders, nothing, the country is free from dangerous animals. To Australia, where I was when running almost stepped on a snake, whose bite when I should have - been living according to information from locals - only 4 minutes that I am glad it habitable environment here especially. New Zealand is for the time being the last country on our 1st Stage around the world. We will still stay a while and enjoy the coming New Zealand summer. So, greetings to their homeland, you hear from us!

registered by Joe am 22.11.2009, 08:42:00 Uhr


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