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The Mountains of New Zealand

The Mountains of New Zealand

We will soon introduce the fifth month in New Zealand, there will be a sixth month, on the other end of the world before we embark on their voyage home. We travel now - after about 3 months, North Island - the southern island of the Kiwis. The weather here is just as crazy as in the north, extremely changeable and unpredictable. In the southern part of the South Island is dominated by the mountains here, where Sir Edmund Hillary (first man to climb Mount Everest, 29 May 1953) has trained for his Everest expedition, we will make our multiday climbs. The difficulty of the terrain is not the problem for us, but the extremely changeable weather calls us every day. Besides the weather, there is another component that can not be regarded just as pleasant - that tiny, blood-sucking sand flies. These bastards can spoil the mood of a very nice, the only antidote - in addition to sprays - full body clothing. Even a face mask would not be bad sometimes, because the really unpleasant sand flies also creep into the eyes, nose and ears. But compensation arrived on a mountain top again and again the magically beautiful landscape for the hardships incurred.

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